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    Florence and the Machine Politician

    The strength of feeling that the Scottish people have about this need for control and the direct accountability of their politicians is one reason why, […]

    Mike Small 23rd Sep'17 15
  • Arts & Culture

    Homage to Catalonia

    With the Catalan crisis coming to  a head, a timely film festival in Scotland celebrates Catalan culture. Homage to Catalonia – Scotland’s Catalan Film Festival […]

    Mike Small 22nd Sep'17 4
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    Build: Bridges to Indy

    The Scottish Independence Convention has announced a major conference in Usher Hall in Edinburgh on Saturday 4th November, called Build: Bridges to Indy. It promises […]

    Mike Small 22nd Sep'17 13
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    21st Sep'17 4
  • Review
    Màrtainn Sgioba Misneachd 20th Sep'17 25
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    The Power Grab

    In the context of the Brexit breakdown Phantom Power examines the origins of devolution, the historic attempts to undermine it and the recent efforts to […]

    Phantom Power 20th Sep'17 7
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    England their England

    In The Lion and The Unicorn, his great 1940 essay on the nature of Englishness, George Orwell, in Hampstead, as the German Bombers flew overhead, […]

    Peter Arnott 20th Sep'17 36
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    For the Muggles not the Few

    JK Rowling – a talented writer and generous philanthropist who has popularised children reading – is frequently slightly unhinged about politics. In a confused twitter […]

    Mike Small 19th Sep'17 10
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig
    Sgioba Misneachd 19th Sep'17 4
  • Scots

    The Tales we Tell Oorsells

    Whaur are the Women? Whaur are the gaels? Whaur are the teuchters? Whaur the fuck even is Huntly?

    Alistair Heather 19th Sep'17 8
  • History

    The Women of the ‘45

    To mark the Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites exhibition at the Museum of Scotland, we have a series of articles about the issues it […]

    Maggie Craig 19th Sep'17 2
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    In Defence of Nostalgia

    Paul Tritschler considers that remarkable attribute of memory – nostalgia. School and childhood were complicated, and I got out of both as fast as I […]

    Paul Tritschler 19th Sep'17 3
  • Media

    Liquid Lies and Solid Facts

    Nixon had Ron Ziegler, Thatcher had Bernard Ingham, the Pistols had Malcolm McLaren, Saddam Hussein had Comical Ali,  Trump had Sean Spicer. Everyone needs a […]

    Mike Small 19th Sep'17 12
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    18th Sep'17 13

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