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    In a Room with Brexit Secrets

    Over recent months few people can have missed the bizarre rigmarole UK Ministers got themselves into about the so-called ‘Brexit impact assessments’. First they were […]

    Patrick Harvie 25th Feb'18 1
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    Dónal O’Driscoll 24th Feb'18 4
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    Botched Smear

    Tory Press smears this week that Corbyn once met a Czechoslovakian, have backfired badly after old Brillo Pad himself took them to task. Then on Question […]

    Mike Small 23rd Feb'18 6
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    Waiting for the Parade

    Citing Lt. William Calley serving less than 4 years under house arrest for his role in the execution of more than 500 Vietnamese villagers at My […]

    Mike Small 22nd Feb'18 10
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    On Myths of Genocide

    In recent weeks there’s been discussion of the claim that Scotland has suffered its own ‘genocide’ during the Highland Clearances. I consulted Sir Tom Devine […]

    Mike Small 21st Feb'18 82
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    19th Feb'18 3
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    The Right Stuff

    Anti-communist hysteria? Check. Sectarianism and violent bigotry normalised? Check. Revived notions of social control through reproduction? Check.  Secret police? Check. Weird nationalism wedded to paranoia and inappropriate […]

    Mike Small 19th Feb'18 2
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    Whose Gender Is It Anyway?

    Caitlin Logan in the latest of our series on gender, feminism and the GRA. See previous here: Jennie Kermode on ‘Gender Recognition – it’s not […]

    Caitlin Logan 17th Feb'18 28
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    Scotland’s Nostalgic Future

    “And the droll thing was, for a’ they misca’d Gleska, and gret about Clachnacudden, ye couldna get yin o’ them tae gang back to Clachnacudden […]

    Ewen McLachlan 16th Feb'18 27
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    This ‘For the Ermine’ from @tradasro is good on the rank hypocrisy of supposed socialists filling the House of Lords.

    14th Feb'18 6
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    Boris and the Freight of Terrors

    “I absolutely refuse to accept the suggestion that it is some unBritish spasm of bad manners. It’s not some great V-sign from the cliffs of […]

    Mike Small 14th Feb'18 9
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    Mike Small 13th Feb'18 24
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    Auto Pilot

    You’re in the queue in the bank and the woman comes up to you and says: “What are you in for?” “Er, to do some […]

    Mike Small 13th Feb'18 3
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    A Hollowed Out Britishness

    The tender paranoia of Unionists in Northern Ireland towards the now imminent Irish Language Act is palpable. It mirrors some of the hostility and hysteria […]

    Mike Small 12th Feb'18 17

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